Dark eastern european architecture

Made this scene way back in june i think, only now thought that it would be cool to get some critique on it here. All materials are completely procedural, which is something i’m weirdly proud of. Zero textures used, baby. Also denoise did an incredible job filling in the missing details on those windows. This was rendered on like 4 samples and everything else just denoised, i Love that thing. All compositing and fx work also done within blender. My proudest creation yet.


I would 100% believe this is a photograph. I can’t think of anything to criticize about this. From an artistic point of vie, this is probably a bad composition, but it adds to the (photo)realism, which I assume is what you were going for.

Did you create those trees yourself, too?

Well, i made them with the tree sapling curve addon. Although i did spend a lot of time making them look like just the ones outside my window, so i guess that counts.

I really was going for photorealism here, just an all-out render to show the world i can do it this well.


“Dark” it may be intended to be, but to my eyes it is presently underexposed.

If you look at the image with the Histogram tool, you generally want to see a “bell-shaped” curve, and not to see “spikes” at either end. The impression of “darkness” really has more to do with contrast and saturation than with actual luminance levels.

i was going for that look you get when you take a picture with a cheap cellphone cam. You know, the you focus on the dark parts and the bright ones are blinding, but you focus on the brights and you cant see the darks.
It was originally really truthful to that idea, as if someone had just adjusted the exposure to compensate for the sky light:

(parts of image different due to this being an earlier version of the scene)

But eventually i even had to brighten it up because my friends told me it was too dark to be cool.

So in the end, what i meant by dark, probably was… dark-grey? Low saturation. Dark is just the best word i could use to describe this.