Dark Elf Character

Hello people, i’m new here.

My first real attempt at making smething in blender follows. I’ve done a few tutorials and messed around with some stuff but never really modelled anything properly.


I’m having some issues with the hands but otherwise it’s ok so far i think.

It’s already better than my first 10 characters combined, not that that is saying much.

Since you still have a ways to go I’ll just throw out one little thing.

The armor for the shoulders, the bottoms should be tweaked a little. Right now it doesn’t look natural. the main shape is right, but I’d play with your corners a little bit.

Either make them round, or if you want the corners there, make them more pronounced. Right now you are kinda in the middle.

Anyways, get back to work and lets’s see this bad boy with some legs on it.

Good Luck

Welcome to the Community!

you have a nice start, and i would really like to see it finished…

right now i think that the body portion where the torso would meet the waist is a little too square/rectangular…

same with the wrists…

but, it is a REALLY good start

(far better than anything i have been able to produce, but i dont do humans too much…)


Really good start dude :smiley:
but one question, the nech, isnt it to big? or is it just me that dont see what it is :stuck_out_tongue:

A couple of things have been updated.
I made the neck a little thinner, worked on the shoulder armor, and added hands, legs and some basic colours.