Dark Female Assassin


Is this a poser image? If it’s blender, very nice.

Nearly perfect, the glowy eyes look a bit cheesy and the face looks a tiny bit too small amongst all that hair and her forehead should have shadows cast by the hair but everything else is spot on! 5 stars.
How much of this is B.I and how much is post pro?

It’s Not Poser…

Yeah. I am curious if it is poser as well. If it is blender that would be cool. I don’t know how steathy she could be with a blue glowing dagger, but it looks cool.

Have you ever seen a poser character ? They are useless because they consist of too much vertex points that’s why you cant handle them in Blender…and show me these clothes in poser…


Sorry, I was typing my reply while you responded. I have seen many poser figures but never used them to know what there vertex or other geometry are like. I like the image. Just seems like the type of an image someone would use poser for. I know poser is looked down upon but to me whatever gets the job done gets it done. Didn’t mean to offend you. I take it if you can create an image like that your not a Blender noob, or at least not a 3D noob. Are you coming from another package? Would you mind sharing how you created it? Or give some insight into how you did? Welcome to the forums by the way.

Watch the wire proof…

You know what man? Don’t get all pissy. Just a question. It just looks like a poser style image, that’s all. We are all well aware of the fact that this is possible in blender. You needn’t prove it. A bad attitude won’t serve you well here. As I said, nice image. You missed that part.

3dmedieval…“Honey”…You offend me - you accuse me that I’m “cheater” I use poser… You need to look at youself… I never use poser…but tell me a thing has been modelled in poser ? - they have done everything - that’s why the clothes,heads,etc…similar to poser things…Use your brain…

He/She didn’t really call you a cheater. Just asked if it was made in poser. I think it is a good image. I’ve seen crap images made from Maya from people that aren’t good. Just because Maya is more accepted doesn’t mean the images they made are any better. Whatever you used to make the image it came out good. If an artist made a great painting using those watercolor paints you get for kids I wouldn’t like it less because it was made with cheap paint. If an artist used the most expensive paint available and it is a crap image, would it be considered better because of the higher quality paint? So whatever software you use you have talent. No one is calling you a cheater.

linuxpimp21 - Ok, I understand but in a supposition there is your opinion/aspect/your thought about the things…etc… I don’t think I was disrespectful with him… I thought I can inspire this community to draw with my works but I was disappointed… I think I won’t submit more here…

hi, chill out peoples.
keep it to constructive stuff.

Great image.
I agree that the glow is overdone.
without the glow this would be an exquisite work for sure.
very great detail.
omg…the cloths are see through on the shoulder.
great attention to detail.
how long was the render?
what did you do in post pro?
Did you do matte painting.
Apart from the eyes & glow, the whole image is very professional.

I thought we can “speak” about how we can improve our technics or share tricks between us…but the reality is that they can laugh at (theANIMAL-a member) things - and write baseless “critics”, suppositions (3dmedieval) and so on… watch your “PERFECT” images…I thought it is a serious place than other similar forums…I don’t want to argue with these maestros…BYE ALL…

Meta-… It took max 10 minutes to render… the planet and the character and her objects are 3D the smoke and colours and the others are made in Photoshop - the rendered image had other colours - I have changed my mind after the render and I replaced the colours…- why can’t her eyes glow from the angry ? :slight_smile:

do you really need to open another thread to show us… “the wire proof…” you could post here?

Such drama…If that’s your attitude, you may not be missed around here.

I agree about the eye glow, it’s a bit too much for this pic and there seems to be some jagged edges here and there, but other than that this is a nice pic.

Oh I didn’t realize he had done that. I like the painterly effect of the smoke/background. Is the orange/other lights on her from lighting or painted on the textures? Either way it matches real well with the background.

edit: I checked out the wire. Pretty cool. Can I ask how long have you been using Blender? Have you used it long or have you gained your skills from using other 3D software?