Dark gem of argen

what do ya think i actualy didnt know blender internal was a raytracer (if it is)
so i tried somthing with the raytrans option


it looks nice, but it’s gettin awfully close to the ‘spherical corner’. Try making a nice scene.

turn up the transparancy and ‘filter’ to get a nice frensel shadow

The gem looks too ‘flat’ texture-wise. Try something more interesting, perhaps several transparet spheres, some with a marble or voroni emit texture? Put smaller spheres inside the biggest one, so you get glowing stuff inside the main gem. It would give it a cool magical appearance IMHO.


Dark doesn’t mean you have to put a black sphere in there.
You can have lots of detail and still make it look dark.
try that.

i called it dark as in an evil / doom theme not as in black or nighttime setting