Dark Gray Picture

Hi guys, i actually don’t have any cool or artistic pictures to share in this forum. But i once made some image filled with the combinations of shapes and colors. I made this myself by using Microsoft Power Point. I actually made this just for fun because sometimes i can feel so bored with my laptop. Okay then, without further ado, here you go, my creation picture (or i don’t know what to call it :D).

Not to mention, i also made this image by using Microsoft Powerpoint by combining some shapes. I also add the drop shadows on the back and move the angle of the image in order to make it look like a real iPhone.


I also could make this laptop image by PowerPoint. First, i put the real picture of laptop in the slide. And then, i start putting some shapes (With insert > shape) on a new element with the several square shapes on the keyboard. Finally, i added my final touch by moving the finished element around in order to make it look like real laptop. Not to mention, i also added some drop shadow on the back.


What do you think guys?

Well the attachments don’t work but the image is cool. It looks professional enough to be the background of a business presentation in my opinion.

Thanks man!! I really appreciate it!!