Dark guardian

well its been awile since i have been able to post here its also been awile since i have had any time to model anything to post. so here is a project i am still working on i am going to try to finish this one today and hopefully start the animation for it soon.


heres another update i am now adding some decoration and edge to the armor
any tips would be helpfull. i still have a few more parts to model and hopefully i will be done with it today at least the model that is.


well frankly i am embaressed i have been working hard on this and well i got to the point were i could place the armor on to a figure. now none of it looks right so i am going to have to start all over again lol.

i like it good job

Great work! Why not model a complete suit of armour? Then you won’t have to bother with a figure in it.

well thats what i had started doing but i found that when i placed a figure in to the armor that the proprtans were off not a lot but enough to bother me everytime i looked at. its also because i plan to animate the armor and haveing a figure under it will give me more reality to it. i dont minde starting over i have learned a lot more makeing these mistakes so my next suit will look better. but thank you for the kinde comments.