Dark Hallway Light setup help needed

I modeled a rundown asylum hallway but I cant seem to figure out how to get the lighting right. So I just slapped on some ambient occlusion so you can see it. Also there is this nasty dark spot on the wall near the bed. Anyone know how to fix that and provide some useful indoor lighting tips?


Thanks in advance

You have hanging lamps, which implies that they are the light source. Is this for real-time or just a render? Render, figure out what lamps you want on (a few may have burned out), and use spots coming from them, facing the floor. Experiment until the cone shape matches the shape of the lamps. I am far from a master of lighting, but that’s where I’d start. That plus ao and you are on your way.

if you upload the .blend file, I would be happy to put light in and explain what I did.

Thanks for helping but I just can’t seem to find anything that works so I’m just going to give up on this project but again thanks for the advice it still was helpful.

That’s the spirit! Give up when things get tough! Really, maybe back burner it for a while, but don’t just give up.

actually, you were doing pretty damn good.

better make a finished doodle than a half finished mona lisa

There isn’t really a reason to keep going though. I mean the modeling isn’t that great and there is still a lot that needs to be done like rip a door or two from the hinges take a few chunks out of the walls and then the actual UV mapping and texturing is going to be a huge pain in the ass. I just don’t feel like doing all this work for something that isn’t going to look good in the end. I would rather take what I learned from this and start on a new project that will hopefully turn out better. So its not like I’m giving up just because things got tough. I’m giving up on this so i can move to something better.

Here is the simple corridor. There are three main lighting here. Spots are mounted on each corridor ceiling fixtures. This light bounce off the floor to light up surroundings. This is simulated with one Area light pointing up on the floor. And the last single lamp light is coming from the room.


Do what you want, but I disagree with this ^

Yes, there are many ways to do this. What I have is probably the simplest and quickest to render.