Dark interior

Hi! I’m trying to do some archviz stuff. I’m doing my best to achieve good quality render and I hope your notes about it will help me to become better at archviz. Hope you like it.


Sorry for not replying to this sooner, I saved the image at work onto a USB and had to do a google image search to find what thread it was from.

Really like this! The black/dark theme mixed with the warm and cool tones to the artificial lighting work really nicely IMO. Don’t have any critiques for you though as I don’t think I’m at your skill level, but do keep up the good work!

Nice work. A few points to note:

  1. I think the whites are too bright. Not sure if they’ve been bumped up in post and maybe some of your lights are pure white.

  2. The shoeboxes on the left are too bright, which makes the contrast with your darker sections too high. The eye is drawn to the shoeboxes and you have to search in the darker parts of the scene for the detail.

  3. I think you’re making the same mistake I’ve been making for years, which is to try to get too much of the scene into one shot. The image would be better cropped in a bit tighter on the left and at the bottom.

Not criticism, just opinion. It’s a good image.