Dark Knight Rises Trailer

Watch in 1080p + volume all the way up for maximum pleasure

I still think the collapsing football field looks like fkn [email protected]:stuck_out_tongue:

Otherwise it all looks like awesomeness & all that. :smiley:

I think the collapsing field looks pretty cool
I don’t like the way the batwing looks. that thing shouldn’t be able to fly

You are plain wrong. It looks like dodo! :wink:

Naeh, but it’s just not that ‘perfect’ as it should be. I think Nolans hatred for VFX is a problem when it comes to the point where he really needs to use them, he’s not into it at all… Someone like Cameron would never had settled for it looking like that. The SFX looks amazing though. :slight_smile:

Batman hissing: -“This is not a car.”

LOL… It’s so close to being campy but somehow it isn’t. :smiley:

And we’ll see, hard to say from the trailer imo, it might look weird but we’ll see… :slight_smile:

Yea the football field does look kinda bad, but otherwise I expect great things out of this movie. I don’t know if it can ever beat The Dark Knight though, that is still my favorite movie because it has so many levels and is pretty deep for a superhero movie.

Yeah, from what I’ve seen I don’t think Bane can dethrone the joker as the best villain.
Also I don’t know how I feel about catwoman.
I still wanna see it badly.
Since this is the last batman movie from Nolan, Im really interested in how he will end it.

Did you see Paolo from Trivium wearing the Bane mask? ^^

The QuadBot owns both Batman and Bane’s asses !