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Hi guys,
No modelling or rendering prowess here. I’ve just been working on a library of lighting systems for future interior viz work, starting with the FLOS line (not the entire FLOS line, mind you). I began a while back with the more complex KelvinT table lamp and just had some time to finish the models I thought I might need in the future.
I decided to stage some renders in an advertising kind of style and was curious what you guys made of them.
Modelling in Blender, of course, and renders in Vray via Andrey’s export script.


… and here’s the rest.


The first image, in your first post looks super realistic. It looks like a photo…but you are doing lamps. You got awesome skills, you should be doing something more interesting than lamps.:wink:

Thanks a lot Zarnik. Much appreciated.
Yes, these will eventually find their way into more interesting (hopefully) images :wink:

Wow, photoreal. Kickass renders!


I think you need to work on the fabric / papery material, the small details and bumps look like the shadow is misplaced. As the light shines through and the sss is obviously very strong i dont think it would look like that.
Edit: Actualy all the materials with SSS look like they could use tweaking, i cant put my finger on why but something gives them away as very cg.
Other than that, you’ve got it pretty much spot on / borderline perfect. The first image is 100% photo real to me, so well done!

Cheers guys.
Thanks for the comments Animal. This is not SSS (not yet implemented in Andrey’s script), but transluscent material (single-sheer 2SIDEDmat). This means meshes have to be without volume, and there’s no way to control the scattering (shadows on one side of the mat always appear sharp on the other). I’m still learning how to use these mats, though, so I might be able to improve the renders at some point. One really nice addition would be Vray layered mats, which allow the mixing of different materials via weight maps. That way, you could control not just the scattering but also the opacity of a material.

Nicely done, I think the first is best, although the disp/bump is a little too harse maybe. Just curious, has andrey fixed the DoF yet? I was also wondering when he’s doing the sss, I was seeing if it worked just a few hours ago. :frowning: How do you find all your reference for your models?

Thanks tc
No, DoF is still broken. So this is all post-prod.
The reference is just drawn from FLOS’ website here.