Dark Miracle at the Haunted Sandspit - Anime Sketch Studies with GIMP

First the legit and referencing stuff
This mesh is a combination of MR_BOMB of the BA - the website download is
and the head mesh is tweaked from make-human.

Anyways I am interested in anime drawing but try as much as I like - my HB pencil, eraser and paper just does not do it for me. So I just blender, GIMP and some trial and error to get these images - they are nowhere what I envisioned but they still look good enough to some extent for me. I need to put more work on the blender 3d side of things, then on GIMP with a graphics tablet, so here’s what resulted so far:


I think you should ditch the makehuman head and model one from scratch but I am not a big make human fan. The body proportions still look like an adult male. (wide shoulders)

Thanks Mssr.

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  • For a while I thought no one wanted to comment on my WIP.

But basically you have a good point there - The facial could be made from scratch as there are too many vertices that are already causing problems. Meanwhile before I do that - I will take process a bit further on and see what the image looks like when it’s rigged and so on.

Oh yeah - I want the anime to have boots on too.