Dark Office animation


This is the room where the animation I’m working on will take place. It’s not finished yet, but I like the overall feeling. It’s only my second animation and I’m quite new to Blender (or any other 3D tool), so any comment, suggestion and criticism is welcome!



Welcome on board!

Anyways - you may wish to put up a larger image . . . and increase the lighting . . . and dim it later last when everything is finished.

Nice work from what I see.

Oh, sorry, looks like I screwed up the thumbnail code or something.

It’s fixed now. :slight_smile:

Looks Great! I like the moody lighting, but I’m confused where the spotlight is coming from shining on the wall at the desk. Also the desk in the lower left corner is a bit too clean, but I can tell you haven’t spent too much time making the materials overly realistic other than the concrete tiles(I must admit it’s something I don’t spend enough time on) but the table in the lower left could use some more geometry.

I guess you mean the spotlight on the desk at the right, that comes from a flashlight, though I guess it’s too large. I’m adding new things on both desks, but I don’t think I’ll add more geometry to the table, cause I have an office desk that looks exactly like that, all straight lines, sharp, and I wanted it to look like that. Maybe I could round the edges a bit.
You’re right, I don’t spend too much time working on materials, but I guess that will have to wait until the scene has all the objects ready.

Thx for your comment.

I’m going slow on this lately, but I’ve added some new things to the room and started working on the main character.

Early version of main character, fully rigged (fingers are rigged too, forgot to activate that layer):

A sample render. Shirt is also WIP:

The room so far (click to enlarge):