Dark or Invisible Subject when rendering

Hello to whoever can help!

I have seen this type of question posted before but I think I may have a more unique issue.

When every I render in the view port (NOT PRESSING F12) everything renders as expected.

However as soon as I press F12, I either get a very dark render or my subject is complete to almost invisible.

A few things to note.

  1. This worked prior to using the Mist pass.
  2. I did not touch the color management settings.
  3. Issue only exists on GPU (Currently running a Radeon R7 265), CPU works fine but not desired.
  4. I have even loaded factory defaults on blender, reinstalled, and cleared my graphics card shader cache.

The one thing that did stand out to me was this happened IMMEDIATELY after I disabled the Mist pass on the camera and render layers. This did happened to me a while back on blender 2.77 or 2.76 I can’t remember but it went away when I got a new hard drive and a clean build. When the problem happened to me last time, I was also using the Mist pass but at the time it did not occur to me as a problem.

Hopefully this is enough info, however, if anyone needs me to try another method please let me know!


Are you using any material/rendering features that are not supported by OpenCL rendering ? (look in the blender manual for the list of supported gpu rendering features)

For some bizarre reason you have failed to supply any demo .blend file for review so we are totally in the dark !