Dark Phoenix - X-Men - WIP

Mostly finished the sculpting pass on the clothes now.

Here’s a before and after of the top half of her coat/dress.

There are some Solidify artefacts which I need to clean up. Unfortunately, that means applying the solidify modifier, but oh well. I wish it worked better than it does, but alas, it does not.

A little sculpting on her neck to do, and then I can move onto her hair.

I also think I’m going to change my composition for final renders a bit. The little concept I did above is a little optimistic, and honestly, environment art isn’t something I’m particularly well practised at.

Eventually this’ll be converted into a 3D printable file anyway, so what I’m probbaly going to do is make a base, including the car asset, and some of the other more general ideas, and render out a more standard studio style piece, with a little atmosphere.

I’m confident in rendering out the character, but the large environment was a little much I think. But we’ll still have a pretty substantial piece once done…

More soon! :smiley:

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I’ve started work on her hair. So far so good, but it’s a quite slow, precise work. Gonna do my best to stop hairs intersecting as much as I can, but it’s hard to completely eradicate.

Main hair is split into 3 particle sims (for now). I have a hair back, which deals with the hairs at the back of the head, and I have a hair left and hair right, which deals with the left and right side (Hair right doesn’t exists yet).

I’ll then likely just duplicate all of those, drop the amount of child hairs, and mess with the roughness to get some scraggle. I’ll probbaly end up adding another system too to add more specific hairs if needed, but not sure yet.

Still lots more hairs to add and comb, but for now, my eyes are sore, so need to take a break o_O

More soon! :smiley:

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The base for the hair is now down. Lots of adjustments to do to this layer, before we start blending, and making it look more natural. Some parts are a little thin, whilst others are far too thick. (There is A LOT of hair at the back!) Hairline for the part was pretty close on first go, but needs some tweeking, as you can see in the pics. Overall shape is good, I just need to fix some bits.

I also did a real dirty 500 sample viewport render, just to get a rough idea of where I’m at, and it’s not bad as a starting point.

I’ll fix the shape some more, and then I can start adding some general noise to blend it all, and make it look less perfect.

More soon!


Hair is mostly done now. Still a few tweaks to do more than likely. I noticed a little bald patch on the back of the head during a test render, so will have t fix that quickly, but mostly very happy with how this has gone.

A couple more dirty viewport renders:

So the first thing I did was fix the shape, and get rid of as many intersections as I could.

I then added a new layer, which filled in some of the gaps. A little hacky, but saved adding a ton more hairs that weren’t needed.

I then planned on simply duplicating the main hair layers to use as scraggle, but Blender doesn’t let you make a new particle setting unless you delete the edit, which is silly, but oh well… Instead, I just made a new layer, and tweaked the settings until I got something I liked. I may actually separate the scraggle into two layers, a rougher and as finer one - not sure yet.


Bottom Hair Layer:

Left Hair Layer:

Right Hair Layer:

Fill layer (for bald patches)

Scraggle Layer:

As I say, still some things to tweak, but pretty darn happy!

More soon! :smiley:


I’m onto the final stretch with this one now. I’ve added all of my materials, and now I’m just going in and adding some of the finer details, and sharpening a few things here and there in the sculpts if needed.

At the moment, I’m adding stitching on the boots, and will do the same on the corset. Just an extra little detail which perhaps is overkill, but I like to include…

Also, a little peak at the texturing

I did plan on using Substance for texturing, but didn’t really need it in the end. This is just some textures from Poliigon added straight onto the model with an ambient occlusion node thrown in to darken the creases etc…A few procedural textures thrown in too, notably for the soles and the laces which had no real need to be image textures…

Here’s a real noisy and not properly lit sneak at the whole character:

More soon! :smiley:


Stitches on the corset now added. Gosh it was tedious lol…


I see you posted her to Finished Projects. Are you abandoning the environment/scene, or is that yet to come?

For now, yeah. I wasn’t confident enough in my ability to do environment stuff well. There was a lot of stuff, and honestly, a lot of time to get it to look good enough, not to mention rendering is a b*tch lol

Might revisit it at another date, but probably not lol

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