Dark Prison (Game Level Short Video Demonstration)

Some of you guys might be interested in seeing a WIP level I worked on a few weeks ago. It was one of my first tests using the GLSL features in 2.48 which had just been released. I also used dynamic shadows (note that in the video the edges are a bit jaggered, in future I will change the shadows value to a more ‘sharp’ value).

The level itself is an old abandoned prison, which is the main area of the game (a survival horror cross fantasy style game)

The flames are made from some footage I took of a large bonfire we had a few months ago, I was quite happy with how it turned out. People always stare at me funny when I stand in front of the fire recording the flames for ages. :smiley: Dont know why…

Ive discontinued working on the game this level was for, the script/concept is ~75% complete and a few of the characters I’m half way thought desiging, but I’m currently entering into 4-5 contests this year, which is where I’m going to be focusing all of my spare Blendering time for the first half of this year… I hope to finish the game someday, but we’ll see… :no:

Basic screenshot of the scene.

Video on Youtube - http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UZXb3tk4Fx4

Any crits/comments welcome. :slight_smile:

Nice lighting! Looks very good.
Here’s a tip, guys and girls: good lighting is one of the most important parts of making something look awesome.

Thanks Plantperson, I spent a great deal of time working on the lighting, it was crucial as the game will be very atmosphere based, so a strong atmosphere was very important (like it should be for any game as u mentioned).

If you look around the torch fire you’ll see a glowing texture, which animates its scale to impersonate a flickering glow around the light. Its quite subtle, but it really adds to the scene.

Also on the ‘day’ scene I put bright little lamps, with a very small distance value, these jumped up and down to create more flickering and lighting on the walls near the torches. Since GLSL lights aren’t animatable yet, it was the only option (I would prefere to animate the lamps energy value)

The shadows do an amazing job at generating atmospheric game levels, it takes everything to a whole new level, its been great making games since they were implemented. :slight_smile:

I could never master shadows. It seems as if the lamp has to be close to your object at just the right angle, and it only lights up a tiny bit.

Bah humbug! :wink:

Mostly kidding. I’m still not a big fan of the realtime shadows, but I don’t care if you use them (Not that it matters whether I care or not. It’s your project.).

Even on crappy youtube, it looks good. Great music! It fits the scene and adds to the creepiness.

Yeh I see what you mean, they have their place though (mainly in small undetailed levels) :wink:

Thanks Clark!

The music is called ‘Dodongos Cavern’ Any Zelda fans will know the one I’m talking about. Its a remix of one of the old Zelda songs done by the guys at Zelda Reorchestrated
Theyve done hundreds of Zelda song remakes, all available for free download :cool:

edit Double post…

Another piece of astounding work by AD-Edge!

Its awesome - i really like the interior of the cells - great use of GLSL! (which i have yet to master…or well… learn. :D)

Very nice!
If you will pardon the suggestion, for scenes where there are static lights (torches static) use the radiosity system to create a more realistic lighting. For scenes where the torch is the ideal would use SSAO, but this is still a dream in BGE … maybe a one day ^^
Great work!

Ah yes, i didnt do anything with the radiosity system, i have experimented with that in the past though. Cant the same effects be achieved by baking light maps and AO etc?

Its definitely something which id like to do for this game level!

Glad everyone’s liking this!

AO is very bad in interior scenes without exterior light. because this the Radiosity is only native interior photorealistic system currently, but you can try the out fake GI with several lights config. i hope that photon map is available soon xD
His scene is getting very good!

Ah I see what you mean… I could never get radiosity to work the way i wanted though, once the mesh ‘baked’ the radiosity, the object would ‘freeze up’ and i wouldn’t be able to edit/move/scale etc. Something i should go back to one day and try to work out.
You certainly seem to have the hang of it vitorbalbio!

Realy… The final Radiosity solution ( apply add mesh or replace ) only can apply in final scene… work my scenes adding models and testing the radiosity at the same time … when the scene is complete I guess the radiosity and do the final bake.
Only then will I work on texturing and effects …


Ok, so I guess my workflow could do with some upgrading, I see what you mean. You have a very logical and clean workflow, which is something I’d like one day.

My current workflow is as follows:



Now im off on holiday until next Monday, about to leave now, good times :rolleyes: