Dark Sands

Hi all! This is my first post here. I’ve started learning Blender recently (I’m a Cinema 4D refugee) and am looking to improve, so here’s a recent study for feedback and thoughts.

Foreground terrain was sculpted by hand in Blender. Midground/distant terrain was generated in World Creator. Figure is imported from Daz, with additional cape/cloak sculpted in Blender using the cloth brushes. The Dome is just a sphere.

Three materials used: Procedural shader for the sand (mostly just layers of noises), a plain black shader for the figure, and another procedural shader for the dome (more noises).

Lit by an HDRI from HDRI Haven, rendered with Cycles. Photoshop was used to replace the background (my own handpainted sky), and tweak overall levels and colour balance.

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