Dark Silver Straight Sword

Looks like a normal straight sword at first sight but strangely when expose to high temperature it reveals it’s inner mechanical structure. The origin of the sword is unknown…

blender 2.72


AO render

Really awesome render. Personally, one of the best CG swords I have ever seen. This would fit well to be featured on a medieval film. :slight_smile:

Awesome and Awesome too !..Very Nice…i agree with Reyn.Your works is Amazing…Please explore about your lighting…

I like the magic effect it has, nice details, and a great work in total!

I’ve never been that into medieval stuff, but this instantly caught my eye. Really great modeling and textuing on this one.

Thanks guys, here is the elite version for fun.

The lighting is very simple in those scene: is one big plane with white color emission on top, light blue plane on the right and then a warm orange on the left. Then a environmental map of mostly orange/red color then post compositing at the end.

In my opinion, lighting up a scene is one of the most important step (more so than material). With a right set up of lights it will elevate your artwork to a whole new level of AWESOME. But it doesn’t mean you need some super complex lighting tho. A simple light of 2-3 light with dynamic color/lighting can make some really epic scene.

Very nice sword

Wow, great work!


got a question, anyone know why the motion blur didn’t work on the particle system?

motion blur has never worked on the particle system. use vector blur or other type of blur instead. nice sword. one of the best I have seen.

A top quality work !
this is very inspiring!!

I just love everything you create! This sword is not an exception. And I completely agree with you about the lighting part.

About the Vector Blur on the particle system:
Are you using the Vector Blur node in the compositor?
Could it be that you’re using a transparency node for the material of the particles?
Vector Blur worked for me on particles as long as the transparency node was set to 1 or 0. When using a number between 1 and 0 it didn’t work.

very nice sword great details :slight_smile:

Thanks for comments!

@TheAlmightyF: There is no transparency node for the particles material, but I think I saw one of the Andrew Price’s tutorial about making sparks and he just turn on the motion blur and it works…don’t know why it doesn’t work for me tho.

Beautiful Creation I love the details!!!:yes:

This sword looks like something straight out of Dark Souls! My one complaint is that the grip looks a pit to plastic-y in the elite version

Wow, very nice work. The whole scene is very consistent and fits well together. Inspiring.

Truly amazing.