Dark spots showing up on model.

I’m building a model for a game (I’m using the Unity game engine). There are dark spots on the model (they show up in Blender (only in solid mode, not textured) and inside the game engine). The spots only show up next to paths which have brick walls on both sides to create a type of walkway. If I remove the brick walls completely, the dark spots go away. Since I want the bricks walls there for my game, I need a way to fix this. Any ideas?

Remove duplicates and recalculate normals outside.

There aren’t any duplicates in the model and all normals are pointing the correct way.

Please show screenshots and attach your blend file. Your posts mentions spots (small fleks ? polkadots ?, could mean many things) and something about walls and paths ! Why are you making people have to rely on their own imagination to try and decipher what you are talking about.

If you have a support question at the very least make some kind of effort in putting together your post

My fault - I tried to upload an image yesterday but for some reason it wouldn’t attach. It’s working now - here’s an image:

Looks like shadows to me. Try moving the light around and see if that makes a difference…