Dark Spots with AO

When I try to bake a AO map for some reason I’m getting dark spots. I’ve looked at my geometry & thinks look OK. I have a smooth area that they’re showing up on.

When I do a normal AO render things look fine.

Is there setting I’m missing.

Then don’t render abnormal!
Nah, seriously. Is your “normal” raytraced and the black artifacts occur with approximation?
Do you have a lightsource with buffer shadows by any chance?

I know this issue from too few passes for approximated AO, or for AO in combination with a buffer shadow light source with depth issues or a too small buffer.

The .blend would help a lot.

I figured it out. I had ‘Selected to Active’ on which I guess was doubling up my model & so I was getting conflicts. That’s what I’m guessing it does, all I know is that I turned it off & it looks fine now.