Dark Sun Online: the Age of Heroes

Hello all,

What a beautiful site you have here. An impressive engine it is, to say the least.

I am speaking on behalf of the development team at Dark Sun Online. We are the phoenix of a MMORPG from the mid-90’s based upon the wonderful Dark Sun series for DOS. We have need of artists to animate characters, draw environment tiles, and create items.

I understand most of you will look at the screenshots (link below) and wonder, why post on a 3D engine site? Yes, we are the classic, 2D birds-eye-view RPG like Zelda, Ultima, and the like. The art we have needs expansion. While well-done for its time, the art can also be redone, provided that we have enough creative artists to do so. So, our animations could always use an upgrade, and our programmers are working to ensure such upgrades can be integrated into the game immediately.

We expect a high level of dedication from applicants as this project is free and open source. We have already implemented development tools and began design of our new client. We hope to acquire the assistance of an intuitive and talented artist or two to accurately depict the world of Athas (Dark Sun) as it had been designed by its creators at TSR.

“Athas is a wasted, crumbling world set ablaze by a crimson sun. The seas have turned to silt, terrible and monstrous beasts roam the land, while the only shelter that can be found are massive city-states ruled by ruthless, draconic sorcerer-kings and their laws enforced by corrupt templars who worship these false gods. Sorcerous men coming to power, abusing that power, then paying the ultimate price has almost become a joke, were it not for the life-sapping defiling magic they use for their genocidal ends. The world shrouded by a dark sun is a world of two fates: resurrection or armageddon. Whichever fate takes hold depends upon those within the Athasian cradle. This most certainly is an age of change, but the decision of how it changes lies in your hands. The question therefore remains: will you make it an age of villains, or an age of heroes?”

We do hope that you will enjoy all our efforts in creation of this new MMORPG, regardless of your knowledge of the original games. Based upon the amazing work of TSR, SSI, and others, we have set out to build Athas in its most complete form. We want you to join us in this awesome journey, to live in the world of Dark Sun.