dark UV textures in 3d view

I use UV textures on plane as a reference photos. Unfortunately, in 3d view the photos are very dark. Rendered pictures are OK, but in 3d view its to dark. How to make them brighter. Nor changing Emit, texture Brightness or Lamps Energy doesn`t help.

hmm… its now OK, but Im not sure why. Ive played around with OpenGL light in User Preferences (added second light for example) and the UV texture is bright now. But I dont know to make it brighter or darker :slight_smile: it sure is strange or I don`t know something :expressionless:

same problem again. any ideas? take a look at the picture:


edit: OK, I know what was it :slight_smile:
It seems that I`ve accidentll added Vertx Color layer. After removing it at Editing (F9) everything is now OK.