DarkBit - Needs Rigger(deffered Pay)

Hi, Thank you Utah Indie Devs for pulling the topic .

Recently we ran into busy work with the rigs we have professional, animations , and art , and programming .

However again the rigging is taking way to much time away from the goal : we hope to have kick starter up pretty soon .

So to be quick here on description of game I will drop the older video and also attach a .txt of the game-log showcasing since video.

So if you got talent for rigging and patient send me a email at : thisismyinbox007@gmailcom
If you can please attached some sort of resume or portfolio .

The pay is going to be pretty % sale of the game right now … we have no agreed just yet on the pay we want the kickstarter to roll around before we get to serious however a rigger right now would be cream of the crop .
So if your ok with % cut which with a small team is going to be bound to be evenly spread.

Youtube Link :

(Copy Pase Url)

Happy Apocalypse !
Jake D Casper - Director / Lead Programmer

Ps. The models displayed in the video are only ripped place holders , we have a new set or professional ready for rig.