darken mix node filter 2.49 /2.55

I know this must be pretty obvious, but was the the 2.49b darken filter buggy because I find my self in a bit of situation, using the 2.49b darken I get a result close what I want (see images below) in 2.5 however the scene is completely black…which incidentally was actually what I thought should happen with “darken” filter set to 2.55 instead it produced this below, which is progress for me …ever so slightly :frowning: …it seems though as stated above that, my good result is caused by a buggy filter, can someone confirm this…because, lowering the “darken” intensity doesn’t help me in 2.55, as hard as I try I can’t get a similar result that 2.55 “likes” or I like in 2.55. I’m using 2.55 for rendering only at this point…must be 10x faster than 2.49


nobody ?

anyway dug around and got a decent result that play nice with both, still a shit load work to do, later

and an eeeeeexxxxtremely rough video test