Darkened mesh, but normals are fine

Hi guys, I seem to have a broken model that I just cant find the problem with, its bound to be something i’m just missing.

Basically i’ve opened an OBJ, and half the model seems to have its shading reversed. Usually this is a common issue of some normals being flipped, but i’ve sorted that out and the model is still showing the other side of the mesh as a dark blue/black.

I can fix this by just deleting and re-copying the mesh from the other side, but this will screw with my UV map, if anybody knows what the issue could be i’d appreciate the help.

File is here, i’ve had to delete some parts due to copyright. Also a screenshot.

Pigeon_Issue_ToFix.blend (1.1 MB)

Check if there is a material / texture on the mesh.
At work so can’t open file.

Looks like you imported that mesh from a game or something. It comes with custom normals as is often the case. Clear the custom normal data on the mesh and the shading will be fine.

That sorted it, thanks dude. It came from a modeller I haven’t worked with before so he must have a different workflow