darker textures?

hi everyone
i created an eye texture for a character i’m desighning but when i put the texture on, i whent realy dard even though the colours i used were verry bright. it also looks realy flat even though the rest of the character dose not. can anyone tell me what’s happening to the texture?

There are several ways to make the texture seem brighter.

1). Lower the reflectivity value of your other materials and increase the intensity of the lighting, this can increase brightness for all materials in direct or near-direct lighting, or increase the reflectivity of the eye material to 1 if it’s not maxed out.
2). Add some raytraced reflection (this can sometimes cause something like the eye material to become brighter in near-direct light due to it reflecting the light source)
3). Use SSS and translucency, not only does it help organic materials but it also allows you to tweak the brightness from pitch-black to a total washout.
4). Use the material’s emit slider to make the material brighter, usually I would use it if there’s no other option that can be done.