Darkseid Animation


I just wanted to share and get some feedback on my Darkseid animation. I’d like to consider it finished. There are some problems to be sure, but I’m out of time for it.

The modeling, UVs, rigging and animation was done in Blender. Texturing was done in Substance Painter. I used Unity for rendering and effects as well as shot composition. I just don’t have a pc powerful enough to render this out in Cycles. The final edit was done in the Blender with the VSE and rendered out of there. The rendering was around 30fps real time on my pc, but could go much higher with a better graphics card. I have a gtx960, so I assume with more modern hardware I could hit 60 fps. Not too much is optimized, but some of it was.

artstation page: https://www.artstation.com/artwork/9oWGO