darn yellow shooting stars

i followed the particules example on Wikipage

for the Yellow shooting stars

but i cannot get the yellow stars only white dots

can someone help to debug that page

Note: This wiki page has not yet been updated to 2.4

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Don’t know, worked fine for me a few weeks back. Did you set a material for the particle emitter? If not, what about the blend?

To get yellow particles you need to go into the material, click on halo, and tweak the settings to how you want it.

if i press on F5

the preview shows me a yellow stars

but the animation does not show yellow shooting stars only white dot
i get kind of a random movement of the particules which is fine
but no stars

by the way the blend is not a material it is a texture!
which is not mentionned in the wiki page

something seems to be missing but what ?

check that the particles are set to the correct material.

1 _ When i do in my 3D view the Alt-A i get only white dots
i dont’ get those yellow shooting stars

i did a recalc

and now the render window is working
but i get i big yellow blob no shooting start

i think that the only place you shoud see the shooting stars are with the Alt-a in the view !

The 3D window ONLY shows those “white dots”. You have to render to see the particles… (F12 key)