Dart update....again.....

(Goofster) #1

had some time to work on my infamous dart picture. added two other darts and DOF.

Big version:

small version:


(SKPjason) #2

Gooster… i told you in chat what I think… but I wanted to post some public comments too… :wink:

That pic is just amazing… I particularly liked how you got the “honeycomb” texture underlying the plastic fins… just like the darts I use at the local bar. And the metallic texture for the grip is just stunning… Man - you are the cream of the crop, the best of the best, among the finest blenderers I’ve seen… (which lately is becoming a larger list - yay blender).

Keep posting pal.



(paradox) #3

Your dart picture just gets better and better.


(kaktuswasse) #4


Is that this one-hour render?

(Goofster) #5

no, this is that TWO HOUR render.
Took that long mainly because the of the HUGE Envmaps, fake GI, and DOF… next time i’ll remember to render it at night

(kaktuswasse) #6

oh well,good that i didnt stay in the chat for that time :smiley:
Maybe u could produce the same quality with other settings?!



(S68) #7


Better & better :slight_smile:

If you really really really want a criticism… well, the EnvMap for the chrome point of the central dart is great but is precalculated, isn’t it? If it were a true EnvMap of the scene you could see red and blue spots on it corresponding to the tail of the other dart in foreground! It should reflect :wink:


(Goofster) #8

well, its true I’m having problems with the tip. it still has major artifacts on it. but the envmap is NOT precalculated. so, sorry, but apparently that does NOT reflect on the tip :smiley:

(Hanspb) #9

Cool! I love that brass material. How did you do that?

(Hanspb) #10

Cool! I love that brass material. How did you do that?

(S68) #11

oh Well, if it doesn’t show then it should not… but which artifact you are talking about? I haven’t seen any :slight_smile:


(Poju) #12

:o :o Awesome work :o :o

Some crit: There seemes to be repeating pattern on bumbmap in that thich metallic part(don’t know word for it)

(Goofster) #13

hmmm, thats a good one didnt see it yet. I can explain it rather easy. i made the bumpmap myself, so i just made some streaks. looking for a better bumpma as we speak…

(LohnS) #14

AMAZING, its always the simple things done really well that are the best.

just one thing i wasn’t sure of, you said you used fake GI. I don’t like using GI as it is really picky, is this a way you set up normal lamps or another method, mind sharing? thanx, and once again great work

(SatoriGFX) #15

Take a look again.


And the artifacts in my magnified version are not simply from magnifying and recompressing. This is the one nagging little problem that I sometimes have with Blender. I often end up with these artifacts and even rendering at 2 or 4 times the resolution and resampling does not help much. My experiences lead me to believe that the renderer itself is not always at fault. Sometimes certain sub-d models seems to have this problem to a greater degree. Still haven’t quite figured out the problem.

Take a look at the first image on my page:


Notice the same lines around the rims where the “eggs” have been cut?


(Goofster) #16

yeah, that were the artifacts i was talking about. but strangely enough, you dont see them very well in the big version. maybe i’ll redo the tip to see if that helps.


(SatoriGFX) #17

I didn’t even look at the big version. It definitely looks alot better, the tip looks perfectly fine. So, in your case, it could simply be a render problem. Unfortunately, when I take your larger image and try and resample to a smaller size, the lines start to appear as well.

Did you make the small image by rendering it smaller or by resizing it in an image editing app?


(Goofster) #18

i resized the big picture. tonight i’ll work on the picture some more. and i’ll look for ways to shorten the rendertime. then i can render it in two sizes.


(SatoriGFX) #19

Your particular problems with artifacts is related to resampling the image. I tried it in Gimp, Photo-Paint and FilmFX and all introduced those artifacts.

The good news is that rendering at 600x300 instead of 1200x600 should reduce your rendering time significantly.

I still can’t believe it took 2 hours to render. What is your system hardware? Which method did you use for DoF? Did you use the camera parented to a curve method? That would help explain a longer render time.