Darth Maul head

Made this head in the last couple of weeks with Blender3D. I’ve first done a video tutorial for lowpoly headmodelling and started off myself from there. I’m aiming at a high and lowpoly model, so expect to see the lowpoly version tomorrow. I’m gonna try to add the body as fast as possible (once again low and highpoly), skin them as good as possible, rig them both and then do a HP animation, followed by trying to get Darth into a game. I’m not sure if I’ll ever succeed in doing all these things, but I really hope so!

any crits?

  • Bentagon


nice head! :o

excellent attention to detail, especially on the ears, however there also seem to be some minor errors here and there: ear, nose…

I noticed a couple of nit picky things, but I’d go ahead and do the tatooes and see what it looks like then. Nice head.

ah… forgot to say this: the ear lobs are not right (it’s in one straight line), and that’ll be changed.
What do you think is wrong with the nose?

@Modron: He won’t be skinned very soon, since I’m doing the body first, for both the LP and HP version. I might normal map this one on the LP version for Q3A (with a plugin, since it doesn’t support normalmap in standard). I hope everything turns out as well as this has.

any more critz?

  • Bentagon