Darth Maul

Hi All

Here is my second attempt at a human head. Sculpting done in Sculptris, balance in Blender and some work in PS.

Thanks to all the help and assistance i got in the WIP thread.

minoribus,julperado,iNat,forferdeilig,Naison,Netcommercial,Guss,Nenaca,whoswho,antorious and Jdover, tried to follow advise as best i could, hope i got it right :smiley:




Wouaw, the 3d model is stunning !
Maybe the shader is a little too shiny and I would use more SSS.

But really it’s awesome :slight_smile:

Rattle Snake has it right. Although I think it may need a bit more sculpting. It feels more like he has a rubber mask over his face.

Take a look at this image (Which is what I think you probably used as a reference as well judging by the same pose) - His brow area has a lot more detail where you smoothed them in. The bags under his eyes have some detail as well, not as smooth as you have it.

My suggestion would be to do more anatomy studies with a regular face, it’s hard to see the creases and wrinkles with his make up on and it seems you over smoothed it as a result.

Otherwise you did a fairly good job on his make up itself and his cloth. The cloth looks steller.

Wow very well done the cloth and skin are very well done!

Hi All

@rattle-snake, thank you so much, really appreciate it.

@RealityFox, thanks the cloth took me for ever. Did the sculpt in sculptris as well as the paint, crappy thing about that is once you go to paint there is no going back to sculpt, i had the little bags (not sure what they are called) in the original sculpt, but they were too big and he looked like an alcoholic. i smoothed that section and made it smaller in blender, but when i wanted to add the creases i got weird shapes coming through, so i just decided to leave it. the only thing to do is to rectify in sculptris and then i have to completely repaint there.

@Twitch84, thanks a lot for looking and comment.


I think this is one of those projects that you will look back at and feel that it brought you a long way :slight_smile: If I had to nitpick, I’d say the area around the eyes could use some more work. On the other hand I think you totally nailed the lips. Really well done! Makes me wish I had more time to train making characters… :smiley:

Hi LiMuBei

Thanks very much, you are 100% correct i learnt a lot on this project and i will be the 1st to say it is not perfect, but better than my last and i think that is what we are all striving for.


Not to worry, you did a decent job on the face, getting the creases and wrinkles and so on correct is probably one of the hardest things you can do. Just practice more and you’ll get them without making them look like they have a drinking problem or have sleep deprivation or something. It’s a shame about Sculptris having that problem. It may be more beneficial to try and learn sculpting in Blender and if you ever have the money to move on to Zbrush from there.

Otherwise though, it isn’t a bad sculpt in general. The proportions look decent, the lips look nice as someone else had said and the cloth is awesome. I mean, really all it needs is a bit more work with the creases and the little details and it would sing.

Also I seriously like how you did the cloth, how was that trim done? Is it just uv’d on there with a displacement? I really like it.

Hi RealityFox

Thanks again.

Would love to try Zbrush, what i cannot understand that in today’s day and age that a company does not have a trial of their software, even 7 days. I wrote them a mail asking about it a few months ago and the response was " Purchase the software and if you do not like it we will give you back 85% of the purchase price".

The cloth was just done with three different normal maps that i generated from some clothe textures and the trim was done by selecting a row of faces, subdividing and shifting the verts in. Not sure if this is an acceptable way to do it or not!


Excellent, all aspects!

The free version of ZBrush is called Sculptris! It has basic features but works well :slight_smile:

@CCTrevis, thanks a lot, really appreciate your looking and comments.

@Fire_Head431, thanks man.


I would have to say the only things that you should change are his chin and add some shadows. His chin seems a little too narrow and round. it needs to be flat and wide. And you should add some wrinkles in the skin because it really does look like he’s wearing a rubber mask. Other than that great work! I could never hope to be this good so I compliment you on your work and I only noticed the chin thing because I looked at the reference picture.


Thanks for your comments, really appreciate you taking the time to look. The skin did turn out like a rubber mask, I aim to get to fix that still.


Woooow! Amazing! Love it :smiley: Crazy realism. Only the eyes could maybe have a little more gloss.

A little more detail on the cloth-texture than I would expect, or prefer.

But it’s a very nice, very dramatic portrait of a character (and, an actor) that George Lucas simply didn’t know how to use in his films. I always liked Darth Maul, and the actor who portrayed him (who was a bona fide swordsman and martial artist in real life). I like the reflectiveness of his makeup, the treatment of the upper and lower lip, and the “beware of me, I am very dangerous” message in his expression and pose.

You can, of course, “nit-pick” a project forever. Eventually, though, the time comes to “shrink-wrap it and ship it.” That time has come. Very nice work.

@Zensurist and @sundialsvc4, thanks guys for you comments on this piece, as always and I think this happens with all of us you look at a project when finished or a few months later and say, I could have done this or that or this really looks crap, but as sundialsvc4 said there is a time to move on.

I think all each one of us can do is to take what we have learnt to the next project and we hopefully improve as we go along.


Maybe u need some better shader nodes setup on his face material to get more organic look.

Very nice. Almost perfect.:yes:

Some dramatic lighting would be really cool, good work though!