Darth Vader Bust

Hello, to blenderartists.
Haven’t been around blender to much as of late.
Last night however I did do some blending and finished up some of my old projects.

This will most probably remain a bust of vader for a while, at least until I decide to do somthing else with it. Rendered in yafray0.0.9 with HDRI and a single area light. Somethings I’m not happy with(who here is ever happy with their work?), but as of now this one is finished.


Let me know what you think lads,
-maniac 4 hire

cool, but wasn’t it… all black?

Yo Mamma’s Black!
I agree, I think it was all black as well.

looks great, should make it to stone.

yeah scrap the “bust” part and keep it as just the helmet if you aren’t going to do the chest plate, also zoom in the camera more. I remember seeing this as a wip awhile back. GREAT work!

Ha! Incredible…yeah, his chest is black, but hey, its a custom job. Very nice

yeah, this must be his halloween outfit;), still awesomework indeed

That thing looks great, when I first saw it I thought it was what you were using as a reference lol

Just chiming in what everyone else said, the shoulders were all black as far as I can remember (although they arent in the ref pic I got but its the best image of his face I could find that would load on my comp.(crap connection)) and he had some sliver/ steel accented pieces on his face


Strangely enough alot of the pics I saw had these light grey shoulder bits… Im 95% sure they were always black in the film though…

Looking around, they may be a slightly lighter shade, but I do not think they are completely grey/white. I think it is mostly the lighting that makes it seem that bright.

That pic makes me think…“The empire wants you” The reflection doesn’t quite seem right the head and eyes are the most reflective so I would up them and tone down the chest

He does have the metal accents on his face which you did not include in your model. I think the sholder plate is ok, its just that most people aren’t use to him without the cape. maybe model the cape and just let it hang down, maybe make it shorter but imply that it continues. Great work!

No its not that we arent used to him without his cape, its that in the first one at least (and Im fairly sure the other 2) it was completely black, it wasnt as ridged either from what I can see…

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alright, got some feedback!
Firstly, I should have been a little more specific about which episode this vader was based on… It is based (roughly) on Ep:III and VI, the two most recent versions of vader. Also the chest/shoulder armour is in fact grey(gunmetal more like), and black. I’ll post an update later tonight with the whitish grey a bit darker. Also will fix the parts in the helmet that should be different colors. As to adding a cape… Maybe if I get the time and am inspired to do so.

Thanks for the comments, and keep 'em coming,
-maniac 4 hire

ps: http://img75.imageshack.us/img75/5373/pic0002ij6.jpg
image capture from EpIII.

Slight update, just changed the color of stripes on armour, also added a few more samples of AA, and added colors that were needed in helmet. Done, fininshed now, I think…right:p

-maniac 4 hire

Looks great, though the head looks a little small compared to the shoulders. I don’t think even he was quite that buff. The top of his ‘hat’ seems a little teensy bit too short as well.

Oh I thought it was just the way the lights shon on him in ep 3 that made it look greyish. Didnt know it was actually coloured grey.

Anyway I think the small white box with a red x in it is a bit worse than your last model…

I wonder why I cant see it… Anyway going by the description of changes and by the previous bit I saw;

looking good.

I think the lighter parts are used in Empire Strikes Back. Vader just upgraded his suit between the movies.

Oooooooh … shiny

Looks very cool! I don’t think the modelling can be improved a lot. Perhaps the stripes on his chest should be less thick, more smooth. I’d suggest to model the robe on his shoulders and the awsome black box on his chest. Could we see a wireframe? Nice idea to model this guy. He is so cool :D.

What was your render time? And what will you do with this fella? Just a render of his chest? Or are you gonna make the complete father?

Good luck anyhoe.

Nice work, it looks good and if he was in his death star he would look most realistic! Maybe just a little too much light reflection but otherwise cool!

Well youve modeled and textured his head pretty well. When are you going to do his breasts? It is the title of the thread after all