Darth Vader Helmet

This is my third attempt at a Vader helmet (my last being six years ago, and about the last time I was really frequently on this site). Anyway, I really wanted to try again as I have never seen a 3D Vader model that looks exactly like the movie. They all are a little different in proportions and such.

What I’m going for:

This is where I stand so far.

I’m happy with the modeling so far. The mesh isn’t 100% done, there are a few details I need to add like the lines across the bridge of the nose. Right now the face is just two halves and they aren’t joined so there is some issues with that in the render that will eventually be fixed.

There’s something about the lens’s that look off to me, but I can’t quite tell.

I like how the dome looks but I may do it over cause I got some weird geometry in there and it’s making it tough to get the look I want.

As for the materials, I used the ones in this .blend file (http://blog.mikepan.com/post/137759885931/realistic-car-paint-brdf-material) that I download and changed the color, but I used a different material for black and the grey and the grey has an orange peel effect that the black doesn’t. I also wasn’t sure how to tone it down. I’ll eventually make both have it as it adds a little realism to the material.

What do you guys think?



That’s actually one of the few really well done and realistic Vader helmets I’ve seen.

Great job!

Will you attempt the rest of Vader or just the helmet?


I will probably do the chest armour but that’s about it. But who knows, maybe down the line I’ll try more.

So I re did the entire dome and wow, what a difference.
New on the left, old on the right.

I thought the old one was pretty good and then seeing it next to the new one it looks pretty bad.

And here’s a little Rogue One style Vader.

That’s a nice looking model you go there! Don’t see anything atm that looks ‘off’. Everything seems accurate. Great job :smiley:

I’ve done some more work on the dome. The skirt on the dome was too long on my last version, so I shortened it up. I also needed to make the “eyebrow” area on the dome go up higher on the dome.

I tweaked around with it a lot and I’m happy with it now.
Still more work to be done though.

Here is a comparison

I mirrored the face and added the flare on the bottom of the neck area that I needed to do.
I also cleaned up the bridge of the nose area to make it sharper like it should be. Still need to add the ridges in that area.

Pretty spot on! Nice job!

I added the detail to the bridge of the nose and re did the little marks under the eyes.

I’ve been playing around with different materials and slight changes to the helmet. There are changes to the helmets from A New Hope through Return of the Jedi.

For this render I chose a original Star Wars style.

I can tell looking at this render I need to smooth out the side of the dome, its a little lumpy.

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Yeah, there are a lot of things most people don’t notice until they start looking.

Everyone assumes its all black but the original movies had this checkerboard design with dark grey and black. (Revenge of the Sith helmet was all black).

While I have been modeling this, I’ve been learning about making better renders. I download Blender Guru’s sample HDRI pack (Pro Lighting) and used it in these renders. Really makes a difference.

A New Hope Version (forgot to make materials matte)

Empire Strikes Back (I think the grey was a little too light)

I worked on the chest armor. I might redo some parts, but I think the overall shape looks good.

Dude! This is amazing! I’m so surprised there’s not a good Vader helmet 3d model online, but I’m glad I found yours. Would you share it? I’d gladly pay for it!
Keep it coming!

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