Darth Vader Lightsaber (ANH)

It’s finished!:smiley: Thanks to everyone who helped in the WIP thread, I couldn’t have done it without you. Special thanks to Ben Jaru for compelling me to make the handle by giving me a blade tutorial in the first place.:stuck_out_tongue: I decided not to put screws in the button panel because I didn’t think they looked good. And as promised to Xrqlz, a blend ready for animation by any willing blenderhead out there. file Note to the animator: everything is parented to the central cylinder. Here’s the regular blend without the blade: vaderlightsaber.blend Comments and criticisms very welcome. I’m curious what you think, please take the time to rate the thread.

[Edit] Just did a quickie blade clash test.


Top Notch LOTRJ, simply fantastic! The modelling is great, enviroment a bit bland, lighting is quite good and this is simply a wonderful piece! Awesome.

really cool :slight_smile:

Hmm, what would you recommend/like to see? Keep in mind I have NO organic modelling experience yet, so a human is pretty much no works.

Sitting inside a hut from ep.4 perhaps? Maybe next to a lake of lava? It is really up to you.

Anybody have crits on the model itself, something I could do better or need to fix?..

Very nice work. (Darth Vader’s the best.;)) I noticed a couple things that could be crits, but they may actually be the way the lightsaber is, so if that’s the case, just ignore them.:wink: I think a few parts (especially the long black pieces that are sort of the grip of the lightsaber) could use a bevel. I had a few things that I couldn’t describe, so I wrote a couple notes on one of your renders. (I don’t mean to be critical of you or your work. The work is good.:)) Great job!



I saw the thing you think is a normals problem, too. The mesh is nice and clean, so I just assumed it was my HDRI probe reflecting off of it. I didn’t think of normals, I’ll try recalculating them. Strange vertical lines - for some reason set smooth doesn’t seem to take care of those. The grips are beveled, you just can’t see it in those renders.

“I don’t mean to be critical of you or your work.”

Don’t worry, I quite literally asked for it. (Looks at post #6…):wink:

Ooh, really nice work. Yes, Darth Vader is indeed the best, and so’s his saber. gives bunch of stars :smiley:

LOTR Junkie… here comes the uberfan rant…
<uberfan rant></uberfan rant>
nothing much to say, except win. lots and lots of win. I love to see star wars stuff done well, and this is fantastically done. i love your attention to details and little finicky stuff that very few people have the patience to do. absolutely wonderful…

-XrQLz :stuck_out_tongue:

Like what? I don’t really see anything on there I could have gone without modeling.


Feel free to use this model, just give credit please!:slight_smile:

Nice work! Nothing wrong that I see, and the verticle lines are’nt going to be noticed in an animation.

Now for modelling your gate!

Yep, but first, an avatar change… <coming soon>

[Edit] Ah, there we go. :slight_smile:

The following lightsaber models are now coming soon to a Finished Projects forum near you:

Anakin Skywalker
Obi Wan Kenobi
Darth Sideous
Mace Windu
Darth Tyranus (Count Dooku)
Luke Skywalker

(Although not necessarily in chronilogical order)

Yoda is up next, so stay tuned! (And let me know if I missed anybody important…)

What about maul?:slight_smile:

Yep! Thanks, I forgot about him.

Hi! This might be too late, but I’ve just had a quick look at my Vader lightsaber (one of the Force FX ones) and noticed just a couple of differences:

The materials on your model make all the black bits look like they are made of the same smooth material. In fact, the grips are black rubber (not as hard or specular) and the slanted blade shroud has a coarse, rough texture (except for the bit that extends down the handle).

You have one of the holes on the wrong side of the handle. The single hole that runs perpendicular to all the others should be on the other side of the centre line.

There are letters on the handle of the saber: between the pairs of holes are the letters E S E. Above the single hole perpendicular to the others is the letter B.

And if you really want to be picky there are a couple of small screws and tiny holes but nobody’s going to notice them!

Cool saber, and very nicely modelled!

You lucky duck you.

Thanks, I’ll try to fix that.

[Edit] Read this page and you will find that the ANH version most likely had metal grips. vader saber page

Yeah, I noticed that after I first made it but I don’t feel like having to fill in the hole and re-make it on the other side. Besides, none but the most devoted fans like you would notice.:wink:

I believe that is only on the ‘Empire Strikes Back’ version of Vader’s saber, this model is the ‘A New Hope’ version. The Force FX sabers used to make the ANH version, but they stopped making it and now Vader’s are all ESB.

I thought I mentioned it before, but that’s a little artistic license on my part because I thought it looked better without the screws.:slight_smile:

Thanks, I’m looking forward to doing the rest of them…

PS No-one has felt like animating it with a person yet? Oh, well. I’ll learn to do it myself sometime.

You’re absolutely right, I do think mine is a ESB saber. Thanks for the webpage too - I found a great one at uni a few years ago that went into nearly every detail, but the owner took it down when he got hate mail after he expressed disappointment at The Phantom Menace :slight_smile:

That site was where I first saw Yoda’s saber. I think it was originally designed by someone with no connection to the movies but Lucas liked the design and kept it. A bit of fan fiction come true. Or I might be going senile and making this up. I need sleep.

(Trivia: Vader’s sabre is the only one (of the original trilogy, at any rate) to have the D ring at the blade end. This was rumoured to allow him to draw and light his saber faster than his opponent. Wait, is Star Wars real? Damn, I need sleep.)

Excellent job, and for another one to make how about Exar Kun’s lightsaber? I personnaly like the look of that one the most. If you need a pic of his saber I can send you the tech manual pic I have.