darth vader (update post #3)

started this, will work on it more tommorow

edit: link dead scroll down

blimey…I was just about to start a Darth Vader model! lol
Ill be watching this one :slight_smile:

darth vader has been updated…

I would recommend doing a google search for “Darth Vader pics” or something like that. Here’s a great pic I found:


It shows a slight perspective of the front of the mask. That’s the best way I can think of showing you all the tweaks that need to be done. Great start on the model though!

hehe i could do him from memory, i drew his mask many times as a kid. looks good so far. you’ll have to make a nice reflection in his eyes, they are so big and glassy.

The image links don’t seem to work. Lovely red X’s, though.

I think that red x is the new darth vader outfit :stuck_out_tongue:
Im looking forward to seeing the progress on this…