Darth Vader

I’ve finished my Darth Vaders helmet and mask model recently. What do you think?


The helmet is too shiny. It was more matte.


I was using this picture as a reference

I think it’s pretty shiny, isn’t it?

Really good model so well done!!, except its too reflective I know how hard materials and lighting can be. In the animation its rotating way to fast imo.

Thanks for the feedback, I’ll try to study the materials more. So it wont be too shiny.

it looks great already

You guys need to google Darth Vader. His helmet was insanely shiny.

I used a picture from Episode 3 as a reference. It was even more shiny there ;D.

Looked it up and we are both right :slight_smile: in a lot of scenes Vaders helmet is really reflective, but there are also a few scenes with different lighting that look really Matte I guess this was just stuck in my head more.

Vaders helmet is quite glossy. The more matt appearance you see will be in A New Hope. In Empire and Jedi, the helmets they built were much cleaner, and glossier. Also in Revenge of the Sith - which unlike 95% of the film - isn’t CGI (not all of it anyway)