Darth vader


had lots of fun. surry it finished so soon (took a couple of days…)
rendered in cycles 400 samples

Really nice render, But the pose is too stiff I guess.

Nice work! Like Yudit said he is too stiff, I would work more on the pose and maybe on the lighting aswell, maybe it is your intention but it looks a bit too dark…

thanks @Marcusrafaelft and yudit1999! really appreciate it!. what do you think about these?

I would agree that you need to change the pose, something like below. It will add more visual interest and make him feel more alive.

I would also add the shiny bits of Darth Vader in the movies are typically much shinier. Google Search images of Darth Vader and you’ll see what I mean.

yet another update… what do you think? i tried to fix his pose and add shine

The lighting looks better now, the rimlight helped defining the silhouette better, the pose still looks kinda unnatural though :/, specially the arms, they are too straight/stiff, but I understand that it is not a very easy task. Have you tried to recreate the pose from a photo reference or something?

tried to change the pose.

alright and here another try…

Is even legal to sell anything star wars? I know that they crack down on anything that would possibly make money of their brand.