Another re-make of one of my old C4D scenes in Blender. This time, a dartboard. Not made as much progress as I’d have liked, but there were some particular challenges I haven’t had to solve before. The fibre wisps on the board are done with the hair system, except even at a tiny, tiny size, they still rendered far too long. I eventually resorted to somethign I haven’t done before, being vertex map painting, and finally managed to get them something like they should be.

I also had real problems with the holes in the backboard (where people have missed the board), trying to make them procedural, whilst having them more prominent closer to the board (I expect the people in this pub have more near misses that far away).

Lighting is very much temporary at the moment. Still a lot of modelling to do, and at least one other texture that will be a challenge for me.

More work done.