Darwin project (Spore like)- temporary name

Hello everyone !

Today, I’d like to share you my will to create a modest video game. The subject is about the Darwin theory and a “Spore like” but less… childish… and more respectful about biology.

So, strong about my experience with Blender and the Blender Game Engine, there is what i planned:
The game will be separated in 6 phasis. I will explain only the first phasis only, because it will be the demo of the project but i’d like to make the projet to the last phasis…

So, my idea is to control our creature from stem to stern in third person, from “cell stage” to “Space stage”, evolve it, survive but not necessarily “customize” it like a car.

The evolution will be by environnemental conditions and choices make by the player. For example, if not enought “meat”, so he must eat herb (thus is is for later developpment), of if not small trees, so make a long neck like giraffe :laughing:. The player will be allowed to add modular parts (flagella, mouth(s), etc.).

What i need, is a maximum of opinions about how can i do to make the game the most fun to play as possible and test it.

So, cellphase:

At the startlife, it was only cells. So the player will control a prokaryotes. The first steps is to assimilate others prokaryotes to be an eukaryote and create a ADN core.

The second steps is to survive and respect the photosynthesis, we must accumulate light energy and carbon, to make glucose and O2 (oxygen). The glucose will help to add part/make clone to populate the sea, so the player must manage wisely the ressources.

At this step, we can die if we have no enough energy, because it will drop faster and the day/night will be present in the game.

The final step of this phasis is to be a fish and maybe to start to go on the land.

Technically, the position/orientation of the parts will be allowed to the player, like the Spore creature creator.

There is a first prototype of the first phase.

And there is an actual screen, thanks to opinions from a another forum: here, you can see a “assimilation effect” when we collide an other cell, a cell in blue and carbon stuff to collect.

So what do you think of the project idea ?

This sounds exciting, I like the graphics

I use 2 modifiers: the blur motion and sobel. Twice filters will be removed when the player reach an set the good eye item level.

So, for exemple, it can be possible to control an insect with that view, but hard to say if it can be confortable in long term. This is just an idea, i’m not in this phasis yet.

As long as the phase is not too long I don’t see any problem with it, but if it starts being too long that could definitely be hard on someones eyes.

Hello everyone,

I have finally make a new alpha demo but this time, you can play with it. To play with it, please use the version 2.79 from blender.org, not upBGE. Open “stage1” and press “P” key.

Use foward and backward arrow (keyboard) to move and the mouse to orient the cell.
Use F1 key to open the conversion menu for glucose/population.

You must eat other cell to make an ADN core inner yours. After only, you can accumulate energy. You can’t die in this alpha version.

Here a little caption about the HUD.

Sorry if you see french words in the game, i will make the translation later.

Here the alpha game.

So, tell me what do you think about it for the moment ?

I enjoy the idea, but it seemed very large, I felt like I was swimming forever to find things to eat, and the motion blur seems too strong currently. I’m hoping for more things to eat all over as you continue working. Overall I like the mood for this stage.

Ok, so i should make a path more strait, by half maibe ? I agree about motion blur. More things will be eated later, when your creature will be a “fish”, like herb or meat (others fish).

The path is randomly built with ten modular parts and the last is like the first but inversed. What do you suggest to not be endless ?

Endless is cool if you can fill it in well without too much repetition, otherwise a more confined world may be better. I t really depends on what you want. I think if there are more creatures around will make it less monotonous which will make any way you make the path work well

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I will make 2 others cells and landpart with tunnels/galleries and making my actual landpart to be more strait, them.

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Hello there,

Here a new version.

Again, use Blender 2.79 from blender.org and open “Stage1” to play.

The are the two new cells:

And here the three new maps with two tunnels.

I have added a camera collision when the camera trought the walls, decreased the motion blur value and improved the generator system about the rotation of the maps.

I take a mind to add another maps but it can wait, i should link on the “creature creator” to start evolution.