Das Chopper

A little bit of high-octane fun i cooked up over the course of a night. I must have been in the zone, the enocycle took me 3 days to build.

Anyway…Here you go.


URL’in it cause its 1024x

Pretty! :o :o :o

very nice, is that a yafray render prechance?

Oh yeah, i forgot to mention. Yeah, its yafray.

very cooooooooool!
just one thing that bothers me. the reflection on the frontwheel is a bit too much. it washes the entire model out at that place.


looks nice, but a little strange. looks as if the steering thingamabobber is gonna fall off in a second :o

Very nice! You can still see some edges around the wheels. Turn the sub-d up a bit more.

I think it would look a little better if it were black as well.



your mode lacs something between the tank and the engine. Too much empty space, and way to few polys, as BgDM says on wheel.

I don’t like that sharp shadow much, but this is me.


you seem to like moteorcycles :wink:

Nice stuff. Good model.

The anti-aliasing samples may be higher if this is the final render.
Maybe you can also dirten him up a bit? Would be very nice.

It looks odd but thats intentional. Custom-built choppers always have a very exaggerated front frame.

Y’all ginner git yer laygs burned off on them thar pipes, bit she shorely is a richous lookin’ hawg, son. Don’t see me no tag, so y’all be sure 'n look out for smokey now, y’hear.