Das Jagd (The Hunt)

First of all I would like to say hello to the Blender Artists community.

I have been learning blender for a little over a year now. This is my first semi-serious project in Blender with cycles. For this project I decided to work on getting to know the cycles material node editor and cycles smoke rendering because those are two areas that I have minimal experience with.

I created this image after watching Michael Bay’s Pearl Harbor (which by the way is a great movie that you should go watch). I know there are no BF-109’s in the movie but it is my favorite WWII plane so I decided to use a model of it.

The BF-109 model was created by Anders Lejczak. Check out his website here, he makes amazingly high quality aircraft models that are free to download.

Texturing, rendering and compositing were all done in Blender.

Final image:

Comments and constructive criticism is welcome!


Hey there, it is called “Die Jagd”, not “Das Jagd” in German.

The Image looks solid for a semi-serious project :wink:


Skin materials seem OK, but the canopy glass is too dark (it was really transparent, no fancy darkening). Could you show this model in a three-quarter view?
The clouds on the background photo are captured from below, so the aircraft seems to be diving. Is it intentional?
Another thought: Luftwaffe pilots always flied in pairs. Maybe it would be a good idea to add another Bf-109, about 100 meters behind this one?
I have some serious doubts about the weather in this picture: I know that he stormy/rainy clouds seems to create an appropriate mood for the war scene, but in such a weather like this I hardly imagine any Experten flying (it would be very dangerous, if not suicidal).

Hey Karim sorry for getting the title wrong I used Google translate :o.

And Witold, yes the plane is supposed to be diving and the background is just for drama purposes. Also maybe I will add another plane behind the first when I have some free time.

Thanks for the feedback!

I know it’s called “finished projects” for a reason but I did some work on the picture so I thought I’d share. As suggested I added another BF-109 and switched up the camera view. In my opinion the background fits this render better. I also went into the compositor and played around with some distortion and color balance nodes, nothing too fancy.

Enjoy :smiley: