Das model

My model for GT 2004 (at Wip stages).

It’s fully interactive and destructable stuff:)


Absolutely great job - it could be smoother in some areas, but I don’t mind - I already love it.

I kow. But i have no time to play with Highend model and houndreds of armatures for “destruction systems”.

B.T.W. nice architectural visualisations :wink:

I’m writing comments once a month, BUT! Guy’s check out this workfull model! It’s simply great! Only one comment?.. :<

woooww! :smiley: awesome model
the white car on white background is a little anoying I would change one of those colors, also set OSA or the yafray quality higher to fix those jagged edges, other than that this is really really awesome

I think it needs a test drive. :smiley: Can you drive up in one and hand me the keys? Just for an hour… :wink:

Yees, this is nice. Good work. One Q, whats with the top-right pic? Is there some kind of fishlens goin’ on or something like that(in my eyes the back end and the front ain’t matching, paralel)? …or should I just buy new glasses? :o

impressive as always. :slight_smile:

:o 8)
Good Job.
A question:
You have used, only mesh, without Sub-Surf?

Great model!

wow that kicks ass! nice job!

I don’t know why but it doesn’t look very accurate to me, I suggest you look at some refpics

Looking good. I think you’ve heard the valid crits thus far. Keep it up.

I don’t like to use any helpers in my job. Good model should be 100% hand made model:)!

You are talking about your pictures ofcourse:). Nice to see you again.
I’v just registered at your new blender forum. It’s great that polish community has it’s own place again!
Gread job Kroopson.

Right… i have to moove it to “WiP” stage again. Some elements should be smoother and i’ll put in V12 engine and suspension, security belts, etc… .

yo- nice job on the mc12- i think u might have the back of it a little wrong but otherwise great!

*also the interior is actually blue not red

You have right. There are some diferences between originall lights (two steps) and my simple, low-poly model (one step).

i dont see anything