Dasani Water Bottle

Hi guys! I posted this on the work in progress thread but didn’t get much response. So, in hopes of getting some, i post it where i will get real harsh ones, but very helpful ones at the same time. So, go for it. How does it look? What makes it good or bad? How can i improve it?

Also, i like to make my renders have meaning. This piece i started for realism but, in the last few days, i’ve decided to turn this meaningful. Do any of you have any ideas as to what to add to this to portray a meaningful render?

It’s a really good start.

  1. You have a really strong hdri giving these detailed reflections, but just a pure background so it has a cut and paste feel. I’d turn down the hdri strength and make some kind of real background. The refractions on glass/clear plastic depend hugely on what’s behind it. I find that a lighter background, closer to white, helps bring out glass by contrasting it’s dark areas. Actually model something behind it, not a flat wall. The refractions will bounce off the different depths and provide the viewer with more info as to what the bottle material is.

  2. The plastic is looking a lot like glass. Check ref images and experiment with translucency (tiny bit) as well as mixing your own clear plastic material using transparent, refraction and glossy using fresnal. colorramps and rgb curves as mix factors are good.

  3. The green cap material just isn’t right soemhow, more bump different roughness and mix factor, hard to say.

  4. The wood floor needs work, too saturated, not enough bump.

As for a meaning, well there isn’t any. It’s got a setup feel. Brainstorm some ideas. Get creative, who knows, it’s in a bucket of ice covered in sweat droplets, it’s on a pool chair with a sparkling pool behind it, it’s beat up in a ditch on the side of the road. …

I just saw your comment. Thanks! I will definitely get to doing those things. Currently, I’m in a competition, so i can’t put my time into that project, but as soon as i do get the time, that will me my first priority. Again, thanks for the comment!

It’s too dark for a water bottle. Turn on full global illumination in the light paths section of the render panel, and it should fix this.

I know it’s a hard one to focus on during the modelling, with all of the other qualities taking priority, but the cap could use some depth. I see the lines that represent the grooves, but I don’t see the depth of them. Another note here, The lines get closer as you get toward the center of the cap in this image. In reality they would be getting slightly further apart at the center. Also right below the cap looks very sharp, add some height to the ridge and I think you got it. As far as the background goes, add that first. Just from looking at the table and the base of the bottle showing through, the alpha looks pretty good, but I would sure hate to see you mess with the HDR before you get to see the background as your contrast to gauge how much you dial it down.

The wrapper is too glossy. The material should be some sort of mix between probably some diffuse, glossy a translucent also the Fresnel is very important you can find information about it here

Hi, I’m new to the forum. I am a longtime lurker and decided to finally join up. The bottle looks good, I think the plastic material for the cap needs tweaking. I dont think I can post links yet but if you google sss plastic material, the link by El Bruio has a good reference.