Dashboard / Steering Wheel and Guages

Hello all,

Another noob question, i am undertaking modelling a bus dashboard, now i know its not a popular subject here but, i would like to know what’s the best approach for a steering wheel firstly, create a circle first and then do the inner parts? Then with the main dash console itself, switches and guages, as they’ll be animated through the simulators script; start with a Plane or a cube and sculpt a dash out of it?

The photo below is what i am refering to.

I was advised to find a steering wheel photo face on, which i have, and model it that way from a background image but the scaling of the photo is viewing from the top down so it’s not 100% circular.

If someone can please advise i’ll be eternally grateful :slight_smile:

Thanks a million

Use another image of the steering wheel that is similar and compensate for the differences while modeling.
Like this one.

And yes, you could do the circle first. The key things there are: keep outside vertices evenly spaced so that the whole stays circular, vertices on Y axis so that you can add a mirror modifier, and enough vertices to extrude the spokes. I used 28 vertices on a circle for this quick test.
I took the screenshot just before I was ready to delete the right hand side and add a mirror modifier.

Yes that is just how is supposed to look, so subdivision modifier on the circle before or after the mirror modifier? I think it’s trial and error as anyone would put it but thanks for the answer, i’ve been racking my brain for over 2 months now. Also with the dash, any ideas?

Switches and gauge needles and such?

Thank you!