data and classes

I have one questions:
Is it possible to store data in like,myInfo?

I think, only possibility is to understand and change the source of Blender

you can define for object custom properties see bottom of panel like material or texture ect…

but you an also define scene properties also!

not certain what you want to do with this can you be more specific!


in 2.5, you can store arbitrary values in any object/scene using python.

bpy.context.scene[“myVar”] = “foo”
or[name][“myVar”] = “bar”

you get the idea

OK, I probably misunderstood, and gave a wrong answer.
Example in the console:
>>>l = [[1,2],[2,3],[3,1]]
>>>bpy.context.scene[“PKHG”] = l
>> bpy.context.scene[“PKHG”]
[(ID Array), (ID Array), (ID Array)]

>>> lc = bpy.context.scene[“PKHG”]
>>> lc[1]
(ID Array)

now use e.g. lc[1]. (and ctrl-space)!!!

>>> lc[1].convert_to_pyobject()
[2, 3]

Very interesting knoff hoff (= know how)