Data does not vary with animation

Hello, sorry for posting again.
I saved my project with animation in it, and after reopening the project, the animation still works, but the data does not change with the animation. The keyframes are still here, and when I press “I”, a new set of keyframe appears :

in red, old key frames, in black, new keyframes.
How can I get my old keyframes back, so I can edit them and don’t have to create a new animation ?

Thank you in advance for your answers.

You keyframed the delta transform not the regular transform.


P.S. It’s really hard to get what you mean by red and black keyframes, I had to watch really hard to get it. Next time when you mark something in an image, use harsher colors and thicker, more obvious marks that don’t get lost in the context.

Sorry for the late answer. Thank you for helping me! I’m really sorry for my unclear screenshot. I’ll try to do a better job highlighting details next time.