data from object

i need to selet an object in the scene that i will create or may be select with a specific name

so i got this little piece of code here

oblist2 = Blender.Object.GetSelected()

for obj in oblist2:
mesh = obj.getData(0,1)

what are the meanings for getData(0,1)
i mean what the 2 var o and 1 do?

and after that i need to do a rotate compare to a specific point

should i do a rotate fnction to rotate every vertex in the mesh or is there some command already define to do that in python ?

i don’t thinkl the rotate command will do here cause that rotate around teh center of the object
which is not what i need !


The API has a brief desccription.

Sometimes when you get data from an object, you want the mesh data. Other times you may just want the name of the object you are operating on. These flags tell the getData functions what data you are requesting.

It is much quicker to fetch the name of the object then the mesh of the object.