Data Management Tools?

Hi all,

When your projects grow larger, it often becomes quite tedious to ‘herd’ all data that came from different places. Linked files, textures, Alembics etc. all being used in one or more .blendfiles.
Sometimes there needs to be some reshuffling of locations, or files, that for sure will break things.

For applications like Maya, Houdiini etc. there are separate tools inside the application to deal with this.
For ‘linked’ files Maya has the File Path Editor for instance, or the Reference Editor.
And Softimage has the External Files Manager.
In both you can easily change files and/or file path names via search/replace.

I tried to find something similar, but only found this Texture manager addon. But that’s only textures.

Anyone know if such tools or tool exist for Blender as a addon(s)?