Data question

Hi! I have a rather strange question. Does anyone know, what kind of data from my computer is stored in a blender file which is saved for example on my desktop? I am aware that when I save a blender file on my desktop, my computer username will appear in the file (the path to the desktop), however I am not aware if there are other types of data (IP? Computer nr? Other sensitive personal data?) included. I have checked this in a program which translates the hexdecimal code into ‘’human’’ language, and as I said I have only found my username and some paths to folders with textures I used. Should I edit such files before sending them to potential employers (which I am planning to do)? Are there any dangers connected with sending such a ‘’raw’’, unedited file, or is it perfectly ok to share my blender files without editing such data? Thank you for your answer!

The code for how blende rreads the file can be seen here.

Textures and external reasouces are loaded from from file paths if you are not packing them into blend file.

If you don’t trust the blend format ask if other export options are acceptable (fbx and others)

So far as I am aware, a .blend file contains no so-called “metadata” which should concern you.

A blend-file simply consists of a number of individually-identifiable “sections” which contain different types of information needed, taken together, to completely describe the project.

Thank you for your help :slight_smile: I have 0 knowledge about this topic, but I don’t feel comfortable with sending such data to random people, I just needed confirmation.

Just go ahead and submit your files … and … “good luck!”