Data Saving Techniques

Hello All,

I am attempting to export a file set that weighs in around 15GB of raw 1080p 59.94fps .mov video.

I need to get it into a much smaller footprint so that I can export it easier.

Obvious ways are reducing bit rate and resolution, but what I also though of was taking out every other frame or so, as the fps is pretty high.

Is there a way of doing that without permanantly losing av sync?

If not, are there any techniques I’m missing out on?

Thanks, guys

Set up your project at reduced frame rate (eg. from 60fps down to 30fps), then import the clip into the VSE. The audio will be the correct duration but the video will be long. Now add a speed effect strip to the video. Change the tail of the video to match the length of the audio strip. The speed effect should automatically change and speed up the video correctly. As Blender does not interpolate the frames it will simply drop the ones you don’t need.

But this isn’t usually the best way to save data…

My advice is … “don’t try to ‘save data,’” not until the project is completely done. Your “final cut” probably should consist of a directory (or set of directories) containing thousands of per-frame, OpenEXR-format, great big(!) files. All that data, vast quantities of it, all of it exactly as generated, all of it still there. “Loss-free” from stem to stern.

Now comes the final step of producing “delivery files.” Differing frame rates, color schemes, what-have-you. All of them compressed, some of them extremely, and … “who cares, because you haven’t lost anything.” You just set up blend-files to generate each one, and fire them all off. Since it’s strictly a 2D process at this point, it’s fast. The original, big-phat, loss-free​ master files are still there, still untouched.

Big, fast, external disk drives are cheap. Buy as many as you need. “All that data” took time to create, and would require more time to re-produce. “Space” you’ve got. “Time” you don’t.