Datablock browser

Hello forum. I remember in Blender before 2.5 there was a way to bring up something I want to call a datablock browser. It looked a lot like the Link/Append browser, except that it showed datablocks in the current file, rather than in other files. Among other things, one could use this menu to set the fake user flag in one fell swoop for a whole list of datablocks, and I think, but am not sure, you could delete datablocks outright from it (without having to save and reopen).

This menu was never well documented and I only knew of it because I saw it in mentioned in a forum somewhere (probably on how to delete unused actions). I don’t remember the hotkey, and I can’t find a thing about it today.

Anyone know what I’m talking about and how to access it? Thanks.

In blender 2.4x use Shift+F4

Is there something like this in Blender 2.7x? Shift-F4 doesn’t do that any more.

Outliner, change display to ‘Datablocks’ or ‘Orphan Data’ or ‘Blender File’ depending on the data you want to see